Shipment of scrap metal at own expense around Kharkiv and region

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Scrap removal from Cheburator quickly and inexpensively

Professional dismantling and removal of scrap metal in Kharkiv

Have you collected several tons of ferrous scrap metal or hundreds of kilograms of non-ferrrous materials, which must be removed for scrap quickly? Do you want to know how to clean up the territory of the enterprise from unnecessary buildings and garbage with minimal expenses or even for free? Be sure to call the Cheburator Company.

For more than 20 years, we have been dismantling and exporting scrap metal for population and business in the Kharkiv region. Over the years, we have gained a unique experience in meeting any, even the most difficult and unusual challenges in this field. We are a large company with a strong reputation, its own arsenal of special equipment and the best transparent conditions for removal and purchase of scrap.

Our clients include not only so large and well-known companies as UBC Group, Ipris-Profile, PJSC Kharkovmetrostroy, Energetik LLC, agricultural holding Delta, but also markets, educational institutions, ordinary businessmen and individuals.

The cost of removal of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal

We provide all the necessary services for removal of scrap metal using special equipment and transport. Our team employs qualified staff who will solve any problem of loading and shipping. To know the current conditions for the reception of scrap metal, follow the links provided here: purchase of ferrous metals and purchase of non-ferrous metals.

Special conditions for wholesale customers!

MAZ with manipulator model
MAZ manipulator (from 2 to 15 tons)

Removal of scrap up to 15 tons on a KRAZ or MAZ truck with manipulator.

  • Money icon  2000 UAH - per 4 hours*
  • Money icon  500 UAH - per every hour after that
* minimum car order is for 4 hours
Model of long vehicle MAZ
Long vehicle (more than 20 tons)

Scrap removal by a long vehicle, if the cargo has a considerable length, or weight of 20 tons or more.

  • Money icon  For free*
* ordering a car For Free; loading of scrap metal is carried out by the customer himself.

What is included in the service of scrap removal

It is often difficult to determine the type and condition of the metal accurately, based only on visual evaluation, without the involvement of a specialist. It is also almost impossible to estimate the amount of scrap without weights correctly, especially if several tons have accumulated.

These matters often lead to unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings, like the fact that amount of money received by the customer for scrap, turns out to be much less than he expected initially. Moreover, in some cases, it may happen that the removal of existing scrap is not economically feasible at all.

All this generates reasonable doubts and situations that could be avoided by contacting the real experts in these issues beforehand - the managers of Cheburator Company. Our experts will tell about all the nuances honestly and objectively, and provide full support throughout the entire process.

Removal of scrap metal consists of the following steps:

  • Initial consultation and assessment of the value of scrap and services by phone;
  • Visit of an expert to clarify the amount and condition of scrap;
  • Additional services of dismantling and loading;
  • Clarification of all details and ordering;
  • Loading and export of scrap metal;
  • Payment for accepted metal and transmission of reporting documents.

Recycle icon  Initial consultation and assessment of the value of scrap and services by phone

If you have accumulated from 1 ton of metal, we will come and take it away by ourselves. You can bring less amount of scrap to one of our sites by yourself. Actual base prices, taking into account the amount of contamination, for ferrous and non-ferrous metals are given on our website.

Recycle icon  Visit of an expert to clarify the amount and condition of scrap

Sometimes there is a need for an expert to visit the place where the scrap is located, in order to clarify its volume and complexity of additional work. In this case, our expert will come to you quickly and assess your scrap for free.

Recycle icon  Additional services of dismantling and loading

If necessary, the dismantling and cutting of large objects can be produced by the resources of our company in a pre-agreed period. The cost of these works is paid from the money that client gets from selling his scrap.

Descending of scrap metal from multi-storey buildings and take-out to the entrance is a separate service that also needs to be stipulated in advance and paid separately. Another free solution for this problem for the customer is to complete this work independently beforehand.

Recycle icon  Clarification of all details and ordering

At this stage, time and cost of work are specified, and all nuances and details are defined additionally. After that, we calculate estimates of dismantling and removal of scrap, and preparation of tax and accounting documents begins.

Recycle icon 003c0,0,2.742-4.27,4.277-7C31.542,20.182,31.647,19.087,31.23,18.314z" fill="#e5540c"/>   Loading and export of scrap metal

Loading of the metal into the scrap truck and its delivery to our site usually takes 3-4 hours. During a day, a unit of transport carries 1-2 rides. The first ride starts at 8 am and should be completed before lunchtime.

Currently, our partners, in accordance with their load, carry out the export of small batches of metal waste by GAZelles up to 2 tons. Their vehicles are equipped with mobile scales for weighing scrap, for which they will pay on the spot and then bring it to us at the receiving site.

Recycle icon  Payment for accepted metal and transmission of reporting documents

In coordination with the client, we make a quick payment for the exported metal, both on his object at the time of removal, or at our base after accurate weighing on the electronic scales.

For those who sell scrap by self-pickup for the first time, we recommend to agree with our manager in advance and, together with the arriving transport, take a ride to the site for a small excursion where your employee can check everything himself and make sure that our scales are equipped and accurate. We will clearly explain to him all the necessary nuances in practice. On request, we can also send a photo report from the scales.

Vehicle fleet of special equipment for scrap removal

It should be noted that in the busy season of purchasing scrap it will be extremely difficult to find or rent special transport for its removal! Therefore, the presence of our own fleet in our company guarantees a quick and timely removal and payment for scrap without additional overpayments for customers.

Cheburator Company conducts the removal of scrap metal by 3 types of freight transport, depending on the available amounts of scrap.

Universal GAZelles for transportation of up to 2 tons of scrap

This transport is intended for transportation of small cargoes and is able to drive into almost any place, for example, in the private sector with narrow streets, which are inaccessible for large trucks. It is an ideal and economical means for transportation of household scrap with a total weight of up to 2 tons.

Scrap trucks with manipulator for removal from 2 to 15 tons of metal

The removal of industrial scrap of average amounts, from 2 to 15 tons, is conducted by specialized trucks of MAZ or KRAZ brands, which are the basis of our vehicle fleet.

This technique is adapted for fast loading of any amounts of scrap with the help of a clamp hook (grab), which is capable of holding about 300 kg of cargo, and a hydraulically operated manipulator. In addition, these trucks have a durable steel body with high sides for safe loading and transportation of heavy loads. To weigh scrap at the loading place, our machines are equipped with scales.

Long vehicles for transportation of more than 20 tons of waste

Removal of large and massive dismantled metal structures with a length of 5 to 12 meters and a total weight of 20 to 30 tons is carried out by means of a cargo long vehicle.

Due to the large amounts of metal being selling, we provide our clients with the service of removal from 20 tons free of charge. However, in this case, customer himself carries out the loading of scrap metal, or our scrap truck with manipulator is additionally used for this for an additional fee.

Advantages of removal of scrap metal from Cheburator Company

  • Like icon  Fair prices and the best transparent conditions for reception and removal of scrap metal;
  • Like icon  We are a large regional company with a strong business reputation;
  • Like icon  Unique experience, combined with creative approach and efficiency, allows us to meet any, even the most difficult challenges, connected with scrappage, effectively;
  • Like icon  Flexible individual approach to all clients. Special conditions for wholesalers;
  • Like icon  Our own vehicle fleet of special equipment for scrap removal;
  • Like icon  Teams of skilled cutters and loaders;
  • Like icon  We try to come towards customers in everything, with an emphasis on long-term relationships;
  • Like icon  If you haven’t been satisfied - just call us or fill in the complaint form on the website. We will definitely try to solve the problem.

Do you still have any scrap or questions?

Call us, Cheburator is always happy to help you and turn the useless scrap into real money!