Video clip about Kharkiv company Cheburator

Author:  Cheburator


Our first video demonstrates how easy it is to hand over scrap metal to Cheburator. First, all waste for recycling is brought to the scrap site - the enclosed area, where there are weights, press, cranes and people who work on sorting, cutting and preparing the metal. The main working tool of all “cheburators” is a gas cutter, with which the metal is cut into small pieces.

Working directly with the metal processing plants allows us to give the best prices, taking into account the contamination range of scrap metal. The presence of railway lines allows bringing wagons into the territory into which pressed scrap cubes are loaded for shipment to factories and melting.

Some customers deliver their scrap to the site themselves and, after weighing on an accurate electronic scales, receive a payment on the spot. In the case of large amounts, friendly managers are always ready to take an order for the removal and dismantling of the metal, to give a consultation, to help in organization of loading and delivery, in order to fit into the specified framework of the customer's budget. After that, the order and all the required documentation are promptly transferred for execution to other specialists of the company.

We strive to ensure that all our employees are experienced, skillful and friendly, ready to offer the best solution and to cooperate with our customers. They will arrive at your destination at the agreed time in order to dismantle and load carefully and safely. After weighing the accepted scrap, a quick payment is made to a customer in a convenient way.