Video message from the head of Cheburator Сompany

Author:  Cheburator


Cheburator Company was the first in the Kharkiv region to launch the service of removal and reception of scrap metal. The unicity and benefit of our proposal is that we offer a civilized service of collection and disposal of metal, and we take out any amount of metal waste, regardless of its volume.

Now owners of scrap metal can quickly, without any problems get rid of unnecessary rubbish, and turn it into real money, without even leaving their home or office! Thanks to our service, customers no longer need to spend their time visiting reception centres.

We have high fair prices and transparent conditions. Scrapyards of Cheburator Company work totally legit, providing customers with quick settlement and all the necessary documents. Working with us is profitable and safe!

From collected and melted down metal, new products and objects are constantly produced and mounted throughout Ukraine. If there wasn’t for dismantling and scrap, most of metallurgical enterprises of our country would simply be left without raw materials and work!

Do you have household scrap, waste of ferrous or non-ferrous metals?
In order to resolve all issues with scrap in a civilized way - just call (066) 630-40-40 or leave a request on the website
First, we will agree with you all the conditions, prices and time of export, and then we will remove unnecessary scrap in exchange for money.