We offer cooperation in wholesale purchases of scrap metal

  We constantly buy scrap metal wholesale at high prices. We work quickly, transparently and honestly!

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Cheburator Company buys scrap wholesale on a permanent basis

To sell scrap metal wholesale at high cost

Business offer on scrap purchase from Cheburator Company

Dear partners!

We are pleased to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation in the reception and removal of scrap metal, as well as dismantling of steel structures.

Please read our basic business offer for bulk purchases of scrap metal by downloading it in PDF format.

Business offer (PDF)

For more details about the individual conditions of partnership, please contact our managers.

Types of scrap being purchased

Cheburator Company constantly buys the following types of scrap and metal waste:

Type of scrap DSTU code 4121-2002
Oversized heavyweight steel scrap. Heavyweight scrap and waste suitable for thermal cutting or cutting by tin snips. № 500
Lightweight steel scrap. Light sheet and varietal scrap and waste, metal structures, wire and products from it. Steel ropes are not allowed. № 501
Steel shavings. Spiral (winding) steel shavings. Lump scrap and waste are not allowed, as well as wire. № 503
Scrap and waste of cast iron products. Impurities of heavily segregated steel are allowed. № 506
Mixed scrap and waste No 2. Rusty, corroded by aggressive environment, tinned, enameled, galvanized scrap and waste. Slagged scrap, household scrap, blast furnace. № 509

We buy large amounts of scrap metal obtained by collecting household and industrial waste, dismantling of metal structures and cleaning the territory:

  •   We will take away and remove industrial scrap and metal waste from the territory of enterprises;
  •   We will redeem scrap from scrap metal collectors and metal trading enterprises. All our sites have easy access. The payment is made quickly;
  •   Large scrap dealers can use our manufacturing, storage and logistics resources to get more money for their scrap;
  •   We purchase automotive bodies from decommissioned vehicles, trailers and other types of scrapped cars from MTEs, car markets and chop shops;
  •   We dismantle and remove scrap and waste from sites and plants for demolition promptly;
  •   We redeem scrap metal from municipal landfills, which is separated from other types of waste;
  •   We make redemption of wholesale lots of used and decommissioned household appliances;
  •   We accept household scrap from owners of large households.

Do you have difficulty in determining the type and amount of your scrap? Just prepare and send us the following information in a convenient way so that we can make the most prompt and accurate offer of redemption of your scrap:

  • Take a close-up photo of all available scrap;
  • Describe the approximate amount and weight;
  • Indicate the condition of the scrap: whether it is homogeneous metal, metal of different types or a mixture of metallic and non-metallic waste;
  • Tell us address of the scrap location.

Our advantages

  •   We are a large regional company with a strong business reputation;
  •   Unique experience combined with creative approach and efficiency allow us to solve any, even the most difficult tasks on scraping effectively;
  •   Maximum flexibility and efficiency in work. We try to come towards all our customers, focusing on long-term relationships;
  •   Fair prices and the best transparent conditions for the reception and removal of scrap metal;
  •   Individual approach and special offers to wholesalers;
  •   Our own vehicle fleet of special equipment for scrap removal;
  •   Teams of skilled cutters and loaders.

Do you still have scrap or questions?

Call us; Cheburator Company has a lot to offer you!

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