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Purchase of ferrous scrap at high cost in Kharkiv

Market price of ferrous metal scrap is a changeable value, which depends on its type, amount and quality. Now, taking into account contamination, steel scrapped items are purchased at an average price from 3500 to 4600 hryvnia per ton, and steel cuttings at 1.10-1.60 hryvnia per kilogram.

To sell your scrap quickly and profitably to Cheburator Company:

  • Phone icon  Call us and confirm the price of your metal scrap;
  • Wheel icon  If you have got 2 or more than 2 tons of scrap - we will come and pick it up ourselves. For delivery up to 2 tons - bring it to the nearest of our junkyards with your own transport or use the pickup service;
  • Weight icon  Your scrap will be weighed on accurate wheel-load or electronic scales. After that, its exact cost will be determined;
  • Money icon  We will collect scrap, and you will receive a payment for it in a convenient way immediately.

We accept in any amount: steel scrap, cast iron waste, as well as stainless steel and metal cuttings.

If demolition is required - contact us to arrange a free visit of specialist for a preliminary assessment of the complexity and cost of work.

Delivery of load from the upper floors of high-rise buildings is paid additionally.

Do you have difficulty in determining the type and amount of your scrap?

So we can make the fastest and most accurate proposal of scrap purchase for you – just collect and send us the following information:

  • Take a close-up photo of all available scrap;
  • Describe its approximate amount and weight;
  • Specify the condition of the scrap: whether it is homogeneous metal or different types of metal, a mixture of metallic or non-metallic waste;
  • Give us address where your scrap is located.

How much does ferrous scrap cost in Kharkiv?

There are hundreds of scrap metal junkyards in Kharkiv today. Almost all acceptors declare that they purchase scrap metal expensive or at highest cost!

It is important to understand that scrap acceptors for promotional purposes usually put a non-existent or maximum price, which is elusive in reality and depends on a number of factors.

Our prices are current and they are given with due regard for contamination content! Call us to find out all the details regarding your case.

Do you sell scrap infrequently and have not decided on the most suitable company and price for you yet? Then it makes sense at least to look for offers in the Internet and try to analyze and check them. After that, call Cheburator again.

If you do not find out from the acceptor, what the conditions are, in advance, and what exactly is included in the proposed price for scrap, be ready to get much less money and a number of arguments (which were prudently kept silent), why it is so, at the time of selling scrap at the reception site.

Most likely, the real price for scrap will be somewhere within the price range specified in the price list, therefore such offers are more correct and should be considered first of all.

All factors that affect the cost of scrap upon delivery

  • Attention ico  Current price range for the reception of ferrous metal in Ukraine;
  • Attention ico  Actual weight of the collected scrap;
  • Attention ico  Metal grades;
  • Attention ico  Contamination and scrap condition;
  • Attention ico  Cost and complexity of dismantling;
  • Attention ico  Cost of delivery of scrap at the reception site;
  • Attention ico  Cost of additional loading services;
  • Attention ico  Honesty, decency and technical equipment of the acceptor.

We do not accept

  • Close ico  Motor transport, which is not de-registered, or without documents;
  • Close ico  Railway equipment or military hardware without documents;
  • Close ico  Manhole covers or fences without documents;
  • Close ico  Car batteries (automotive batteries) with non-drained electrolyte;
  • Close ico  Shells or their fragments, as well as other explosive objects.

Benefits of metal collecting and recycling

Nowadays, steel and cast iron products, which belong to ferrous metals, found widespread use in industry, construction and repair. Moreover, in dealing with the daily transport, business or household tasks today we cannot do without the products and tools made of these high-strength materials.

However, over time or for other reasons, structures, even made of these durable materials, still wear out, become unusable, are decommissioned, or simply become unnecessary. In this case, such metal products are considered to be scrap metal. Usually they are stored somewhere in the territory of enterprises, put in the trash, or simply left in the workplace until getting rid of them.

At the same time, the ever-increasing demand for new metal and modern technologies for its collection and utilization for recycling provides excellent opportunities for every scrap metal owner, not only to get rid of garbage, freeing up valuable space, but also to make good money. By the way, the current global level of steel utilization is already approaching 90%.

In addition, you should not forget about your civic duty and a feasible contribution to improving the environmental situation and saving natural resources. After all, the production of 1 ton of recovered steel saves about 1.5 tons of iron ore and as much other materials and waste!

What is classified as ferrous metal scrap

Iron and cast iron scrap, stainless steel materials, as well as steel cuttings and metalworking waste, are classified as ferrous metals. The value of this material is that it has a high density and mass, and after processing, it is restored to almost 100%. This means that the metal can be reused without the need to re-extract it from natural resources. It also has a positive effect on reducing the cost of new products on the market.

The approximate service life of steel products ranges from 20-60 years depending on the conditions of use. Almost all metal elements of buildings and mounts, hedges and fences, machinery, industrial and agricultural equipment, tanks and reservoirs, railway and road transport, as well as pipes, boilers, baths, radiators and various household appliances, including cookers and refrigerators, mainly consist of ferrous metals.

How to determine the type and condition of metal in the black scrap

Of course, value of ferrous metal scrap is 5-20 times lower than that of non-ferrous metals. So in order to get at least 1000 hryvnia from it, you will have to collect and deliver about 250 kilograms of this metal to the receiving site. Therefore, it is advisable for owners of such scrap to try to collect all the unwanted metal first and its waste in one place, in order to give some indication of the total quantity and composition, and then describe this data in the form of a list to estimate the approximate cost.

Rusty or burned metal structures, which were dug out of the ground, have a 3-5% contamination rate that decrease their value, prescribed in GOST and DSTU.

You can determine that you are dealing with ferrous metal with an ordinary magnet. Ferrous metal has a high iron content, so it is attracted by a magnet well. If some elements look like metals, but are not attracted by a magnet, most likely, they are non-ferrous metals, and it is better to separate them in order to sell much more costly, as non-ferrous metal.

In the case of scrapping a product or appliance, which consists of various units and materials (for example, a car, refrigerator or stove), and if you have time, tools and a desire to earn more, it makes sense to disassemble them by removing non-metallic parts made of glass and plastic. Otherwise, employees of the reception site will do this work for you later, but this will lower the scrap purchase price.

Risks associated with scrappage

  • Incorrect determination of weight, type, contamination and condition of the metal;
  • Silence existence of additional costs for loading and removal;
  • Dishonesty and illegality of acceptor;
  • Payment delay.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous purchasers, who take advantage of ignorance of those who sell scrap, are still common on the market. They deliberately manipulate contamination factors, GOST (All-Union State Standard) and determining the type of metal, in order to pay the customer as little as possible. They not only gloss over facts and then take advantage of them, but sometimes they descend even to a mere deception.

In such cases, owners of valuable scrap can expect a number of unpleasant surprises at all stages of the process. We know the stories when customers, dealing with such persons, after the delivery of scrap, not only got much less money than they had hoped for and heard by phone, but did not even get it in full and on time. Also in response to substantiated claims, the customers had to be content with the excuses that scrap was already in the general heap, so it could not be separated and returned, or were offered to return everything for extra money!

In addition, most of the scrap collection centers do not meet the requirements, governing this activity according to the legislation of Ukraine, in conformity with which the junkyard area must be at least 500 square meters and be at a distance not closer than 150 meters from residential buildings. This means that scrap collection sites, located in residential areas, not only cause inconvenience for local people, encourage them to theft, but also work illegally and can be closed at any time!

Of course, in order to protect yourself from such troubles and losses, it is better to work with trusted companies. And when determining the really best and fair price for scrap, the conditions for its dismantling and delivery, you should try to find out all the details and what exactly is included in the price, at least when talking on the phone with the acceptor, and also compare information with other similar offers on the market.

Do you still have any scrap or questions?

Call us, Cheburator always glad to help you and turn useless scrap into real money!