Dismantling of metal structures in Kharkiv

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Types of dismantling works

Dismantling operations, sparks

From time to time, everyone has a need to build new premises, as well as renovate and repair existing warehouses, production and retail space.

Dismantling of metal structures is a complex of technical works on disassembling buildings, structures and other large objects and equipment, which have the frame made of metal.

Dismantling services are in high demand among businesses and population, especially among residents of Saltivka and Oleksiivka, therefore many companies of various levels offer them on the market today. However, it should be noted that this unsafe and difficult job requires high qualifications, experience and decency of the contractor. A few years ago, this activity was strictly licensed.

Dismantling works are divided into 2 types:

  • Scrap cutting is done for the disposal of decommissioned, damaged or obsolete structures and metal products. A cutter, who stands and uses a long cutting tool for maximum cut speeds, performs this work. Average price of cutting is 60 hryvnia per ton.
  • Dismantling is performed when moving objects for their subsequent installation and use in another place. This is a more complex and expensive type of work that requires special skills and engineering knowledge. Specialists performing the dismantling of metal structures use a short cutting tool in their work, which allows them to cut metal products neatly in hard-to-reach places. The approximate cost of these services is in the range of 150-200 hryvnia per ton.

Cost of work and estimates for the dismantling of metal structures

500-800 UAH

The average cost of dismantling. You can learn about the prices for the export of scrap here.

In order to calculate the cost and make a complete estimate of dismantling works in the territory of Kharkiv region and Kharkiv, it is necessary to determine the scope and complexity of the work correctly. The final cost depends on many factors: weight (tonnage), amount and complexity of the object, time spent on work, gas and oxygen costs for metal cutting, costs for transport, accommodation and meals for the work team, as well as other possible expenses.

Stages of dismantling works and deadlines for their implementation

  • Check icon  Professional evaluation of work and costs;
  • Check icon  Full estimation of costs for dismantling;
  • Check icon  Harmonization of cost and timing;
  • Check icon  Performance of work at the facility;
  • Check icon  Loading and removal of steel structures;
  • Check icon  Payment for received scrap metal scrap.

A team of 2-3 cutters carries out the work. During the day, the team performs cutting and removal of about 20-30 tons of scrap. Average order amount is 8-10 tons.

Dismantling of large objects on average takes 2-3 days, but for some cases, it may take up to 2 weeks.

Risks and dangers

Industrial dismantling is often associated with increased risks: collapse of massive structures, carrying out works at heights, as well as working with products containing flammable or explosive substances. So, the performance of these works should be trusted to real professionals!

In order to enter the market and hold onto it, some unscrupulous companies dump, hush up additional expenses, establish hidden fees, or resort to other tricks, including direct deception. As a result, customers lose money and receive less than they could, working with us.

Scrap purchasers can keep silent about additional costs for dismantling, loading / unloading of scrap, crane services, etc. The price of scrap is set according to the GOST and DSTU classifiers, which divide the metal into types: 501, 502, 503, lightweight, heavy, etc. Some companies first tell the cost of purchase for more expensive types of metal. Nevertheless, when they execute the order, they reduce the cost, manipulating this classification. In addition, they use a hidden percent on the scrap contamination (residues of rust, fuel oil, motor oil, emulsion), which affect the final weight and reduce the total purchase price.

We have all these factors already taken into account in the proposed price!

To order dismantling of metal structures in the Kharkiv company Cheburator

The team of Cheburator Company has all the necessary equipment and many years of experience in dismantling works of all levels of complexity. We quickly, safely and profitably dismantle all types of metal structures and products for you.

To evaluate the work and estimate the dismantling - order the visit of our expert for FREE!

Our projects and expertise

Over the years, we have successfully dismantled hundreds of objects of different complexity and size. We work with all kinds of organizations and individuals.

  • For farms and collective farms, we carry out dismantling works of the following objects: old combines, tractors, seeders, winnowing machines, trailers, hangars, sheds and other structures. For example, recently we had an order from a collective farm in Shebelinka, where in a few days we dismantled and removed more than 80 tons of hardware.
  • Plants: hangars, workshops, metal equipment, compressor and oxygen stations, press equipment. Once, we had to dismantle a whole gypsum processing plant, and the customer got it completely free! For a long time they had been looking for specialists who will comprehensively clean their territory, pick up and take out all the garbage on acceptable conditions. As a result, they called us, and we approached the business creatively, carefully dismantled the plant into components and removed all the garbage, covering all expenses due to the exported scrap. So the client’s difficult problem was solved at virtually no cost, and now a new plant is working there.
  • Among our regular customers are educational institutions, hospitals and other budget organizations. Cheburator helps them to get rid of old beds, desks and other steel furniture. Our guys approach the business responsibly, carefully cutting off all the metal, so that there are no sharp edges anywhere. Once we dismantled the old merry-go-rounds and slides in the kindergarten, and did our work so well that we were even awarded by certificates for quality.
  • Tank farms and chemical plants: various types of tanks, containers and other equipment.
  • Construction companies: trusses, bridge and tower cranes.
  • Forestry: old car park, boiler houses.
  • Heating systems and RES: old pipes and supports.
  • Summer residents: barrels, containers, sheds, vessels for liquids.
  • Markets: pavilions, stalls, advertising structures and billboards.
  • ATP and car pools: buses, trucks, trailers, concrete mixers, mixing machines.
  • Car markets and car trading companies. Among our regular customers are Avtograd and Solly Plus. Up to 200 cars are utilized every month on our bases.

Our advantages

  • Like icon  We are a large, reliable company with a strong reputation. We work more than 15 years in the scrap metal market, and provide our services without intermediaries.
  • Like icon  We offer the best prices for dismantling and scrap metal. Wecooperate directly with the metal refineries, regularly send them 70-ton wagons filled with scrap.
  • Like icon  We have a full arsenal of special equipment and tools for dismantling and removal.
  • Like icon  Qualified teams of experienced cutters and loaders. Accurately and without risk, we will perform all types of work.
  • Like icon  Visit of the expert for an assessment of works and drawing up the estimate for dismantling free of charge!
  • Like icon  Full and fast payment for precise weight. We use accurate modern electronic scales with a load up to 40 tons. Payment for scrap can be made in any way convenient for you, immediately after completion of the work.
  • Like icon  At our company everything is fair! It happens that customers call us and say that they have better offer from the competitors. We recommend them to clarify what is specifically included in the price first, and what is not, and what additional costs they will have to pay. As a result, lots of customers return to us.