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Our prices for non-ferrous metal scrap purchase (Taking into account contamination)

Type of scrap Price per 1kg
Copper from 85,0 to 90,0 UAH
Brass from 60,0 to 65,0 UAH
Radiator from 57,0 to 60,0 UAH
Brass shavings from 54,0 to 59,0 UAH
Aluminum mix from 13,0 to 16,0 UAH
Aluminum 1 group from 18,0 to 23,0 UAH
Profile from 18,0 to 21,0 UAH
Aluminum shavings from 8,0 to 11,0 UAH
Cans from 10,0 to 13,0 UAH
Nickel–iron battery (plastic) from 1,0 to 5,0 UAH
Nickel–iron battery (iron) from -2,0 to 2,0 UAH
Lead from 25,0 to 28,0 UAH
Rechargeable battery (plastic) from 10,0 to 22,5 UAH
Rechargeable battery (carbolite) from 7,0 to 17,5 UAH
Zamak from 18,0 to 21,0 UAH
Magnesium from 15,0 to 18,0 UAH
Titanium from 30,0 to 35,0 UAH
Stainless steel from 14,0 to 17,0 UAH

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There are hundreds of scrap metal junkyards in Kharkiv today. Almost all acceptors declare that they purchase scrap metal EXPENSIVE or AT HIGHEST COST! However, how to verify that the scrap purchaser offers a really better and fair price? Call us to find out all the details regarding your case. Our prices are given with due regard for contamination content!

The undoubted advantage of non-ferrous scrap is its high cost. The most valuable types of nonferrous metals are copper (in its pure form it is valued 20 times higher than ferrous scrap) and its alloys, and less often, nickel and tin, which value is about 3 times higher than copper.

Nickel is often included in the composition of stainless steel, the value of which on the market of recyclable materials increases in proportion to its content, by about 1.50 hryvnia per 1%. The standard content of this material in stainless steel is 8% or 10%.

Recently, there is a stainless steel in which nickel content less than 8%. Such stainless steel is priced as ferrous scrap.

Factors that affect the cost of non-ferrous scrap

  • Current price range for the reception of ferrous metal in Ukraine;
  • Actual weight of the collected scrap;
  • Metal grades;
  • Contamination and scrap condition;
  • Cost of delivery of scrap at the reception site;
  • Cost of additional loading services;
  • Honesty, decency and technical equipment of the acceptor.

Risks associated with scrappage

  • Incorrect determination of weight, type, contamination and condition of the metal;
  • Silence of additional costs for loading and removal;
  • Dishonesty and illegality of acceptor;
  • Payment delay.