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Our prices for purchase of ferrous metal scrap (Taking into account contamination)

(price of scrap x1000 UAH. per 1 ton)

Type of scrap 100kg-2t 2-5t 5-20t >20t
Steel scrap 3,60 3,70 3,80 3,90
Steel shavings 0,90 1,00 1,10 1,20
Scrap and waste of cast iron products 3,60 3,70 3,80 3,90
Mixed scrap and waste №2 3,40 3,50 3,60 3,70

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There are hundreds of scrap metal junkyards in Kharkiv today. Almost all acceptors declare that they purchase scrap metal EXPENSIVE or AT HIGHEST COST! However, how to verify that the scrap purchaser offers a really better and fair price? Call us to find out all the details regarding your case. Our prices are given with due regard for contamination content!

If you sell scrap infrequently and have not decided on the company and price that is most suitable for you yet, it makes sense to look for offers on the Internet and analyze them. It is important to understand that scrap acceptors for promotional purposes usually put a non-existent or maximum price, which is elusive in reality and depends on a number of factors. If you do not find out from the acceptor, what the conditions are, in advance, and what exactly is included in the proposed price for scrap, be ready to get much less money and a number of arguments (which were prudently kept silent), why it is so, at the time of selling scrap at the reception site.

Most likely, the real price for scrap will be somewhere within the price range specified in the price list, therefore such offers are more correct and should be considered first of all.

Factors that affect the cost of scrap metal

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The final consumers of scrap are large metallurgical plants, which recycle and melt them down. They are the ones that establish the final, highest cost for the purchase of this type of metal on the Ukrainian market. These enterprises purchase wagons of scrap from such large companies like Cheburator.

Smaller companies and scrap purchasers are intermediaries in this chain. Although they may be more affordable, they usually give a lower price in the end, buying and selling it to larger market players.

In addition, the price is influenced by seasonality (as a rule, the price rises in winter, reaching a maximum by the beginning of spring, and then begins to decrease to the minimum values in the summer holiday season), exchange rates and metal purchases on stock exchanges, congestion of warehouses and so on.

Setting icon  Actual weight of the collected scrap

There is a simple rule at our market: the more scrap it is sold, the higher is the price for accepting it! So, for example, you will sell 2 tons of ferrous metal at a price of about 4,000 hryvnia per ton, and if you sell more than 20 tons, this number may increase by 15% more. In addition, the estimated weight depends on the accuracy of the weights and the decency of the receiver.

Setting icon  Metal grades

Real professionals are able to determine the type of scrap even by appearance. More advanced methods include the use of a magnet or determination of the metal grade by the type of spark, which appears when a grinder cuts it. However, the most accurate and costly method of using a spectrometer is offered by no means all scrap receiving sites.

Among the ferrous metals, special steels and stainless steel with high nickel content have the increased value. For example, the cost of a stainless steel containing 18% nickel is about 40% higher than that of steel with an 8% content of this metal. But the occurrence of silicon instead of nickel is of no special value at all. Scrap of high-strength tool and special steels with the addition of refractory metals such as molybdenum and tungsten is highly valued, too.

Setting icon  Contamination and scrap condition

The percentage of contamination (or clogging) is what the assessors are usually silent about when they tell the price. Contamination includes non-metallic materials that are present in the scrap: plastic, glass, etc. According to DSTU, you can legally write off at least 3-6% of the cost of clogging, reducing the amount of payment for scrap. Pay attention, our prices are already given with considering the clogging. Thus, if condition of the metal is good enough, the price for it will be paid without additional deductions!

Inexperienced people usually turn for scrappage to firms where they are told the highest price immediately. For example, one company accepts ferrous scrap at 4900 hryvnia per ton, and the other at 4600. However, after finding out all the details, it may turn out that at the first site from the amount of 4900 another 6% of contamination is deducted and a person gets only 4500. However, the second company accepts scrap by 4600 already with deduction of clogging, which in reality is a more advantageous offer. Therefore, before selling the metal, it is necessary to clarify what percentage of contamination is taken into account in the price.

Setting icon  Cost and complexity of dismantling

For the removal of large steel structures and equipment, you need to dismantle them first. Perhaps you can perform simple dismantling on your own, but if you need to involve professionals with special equipment, the cost of dismantling will reduce the cost of scrap by about 600-800 hryvnia per ton.

Setting icon  Cost of delivery of scrap at the reception site

The most profitable way to deliver less than 1 ton of scrap is to bring it to your reception site with your own transport. Removal of scrap by third-party contractors will cost from 1000 to 2000 hryvnia, but also can be complete free of charge, in the case of large amount of scrap.

Setting icon  Cost of additional loading services

Do not forget that removal of scrap from high-rise buildings is a job, though not difficult, but physically hard, therefore it is negotiated in advance and must be paid separately. The cost of this service is worth asking further.

Setting icon  Honesty, decency and technical equipment of the acceptor

The current scrap market in Ukraine is still in its infancy and many of its issues are not fully regulated, both at the legislative level and in practice. Therefore, any scrap metal professional will immediately determine a beginner in this business, and know many ways to lower the final price in their own interests. Therefore, it is better to deal with a large company that operates transparently and according to clear rules, which cares about its reputation and customers, regardless of their level.