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How to sell titanium scrap

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In this article we will review at how much a titanium scrap costs, what rules should be followed during its storage and delivery to avoid fire and other contingencies. In addition, here are answers to frequently asked questions: how to determine titanium, why it is rarely found and has a high value.

Titanium and its properties

Titanium is the most durable metal, which was discovered in far 1795 by the German chemist Klaproth, and received its name from him in honor of the famous characters of Greek mythology. It is a high-strength, but at the same time light and ductile metal of silver-white colour, which also has excellent corrosion resistance, which does not concede even platinum. Titanium has weak electrical, magnetic and heat-conducting properties, so it is not used in production of electrical wires.

By its distribution on Earth, titanium occupies the 10th place, but is not found in its pure form. This element is characterized by increased chemical activity, which creates considerable difficulties for its production without impurities. For this reason, pure titanium was obtained only in 1825, and the industrial method of its manufacture was patented in 1940!

The main deposits of titanium are in the earth's crust and clayey marine sediments. This element can be found in the composition of 100 minerals, the most important of which include rutile and ilmenite.

Use of titanium

The high labour intensity of obtaining titanium from natural sources with high demand limit the feasibility of using this metal, so it is used primarily in areas where is a great need for a unique combination of its qualities:

  • Defense sector;
  • Missile industry;
  • Aircraft and shipbuilding industries;
  • Oil-extracting industry.

Titanium is often used in the form of alloying additives for special steels, as a part of which it forms a construction material with a unique strength. In general, the scope of application of this metal is quite extensive, it also includes the construction, chemical, automotive, agricultural and food industries.

This metal is a powerful antioxidant, non-toxic to the body and perfectly knitted with the bones, so it is also needed for medicine and stomatology as bone prostheses and dental implants.

Titanium alloys are used in the assembly of medical equipment, computer equipment and mobile phones. Even monuments, jewelry and so popular among modern youth and representatives of various subcultures piercing jewelry are made of this material.

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Use of titanium

Where can you find titanium for scrappage

The following titanium parts as pipes, filters, engine valves, sawdust, lump waste materials, discs, etc. are in great demand on the market of recyclable materials.

The main areas of application of titanium products include the following products by industry::

  1. Aircraft and shipbuilding industries
    • They are the main consumers of titanium. The designs of modern aircraft and ships include tens of tons of titanium and its alloys. Here, titanium can be found in the composition of such units and aggregates: hull platings, engine blocks, hydraulic cylinders, discs and blades for fans and compressors, as well as measuring discs.
  2. Defense sector
    • Shells of armored vehicles, submarines, airplanes, fire-resistance walls;
    • Bulletproof vests;
  3. Oil and gas industry
    • Drill pipes, bends, flanges;
  4. Engineering
    • Heat exchange equipment tubes, turbine condensers and chimney internal surfaces;
  5. Constructing
    • Facing and roofing materials, interior plating, curtain rods, awnings, fasteners;
    • Titanium wire is used as welding filler material;
  6. Automotive industry
    • Bolts, springs, exhaust system elements;
  7. Medicine
    • Surgical instruments, prostheses;
    • Electronic defibrillators and stimulants;
  8. Food industry
    • Mesh filters and sieves;
  9. Tourist and sporting equipment
    • Tools, stoves and utensils for tourists, geologists and climbers;
    • Bicycles;
    • Hockey sticks and blades for ice-skates;
  10. Housekeeping products
    • Garden tools: shovels, hoes and rakes;
    • Dishes and containers;
  11. Household goods
    • TV housings, watch and phone cases;
    • Kitchen utensils;
    • Eyeglass frames, jewelry.

How to distinguish titanium from other metals

Titanium products have a silver colour, and at first glance they can be confused with ordinary stainless steel. Therefore, when examining your metal, be careful, because if you are lucky, you can sell your titanium 2 times more expensive than the majority of other non-ferrous metals!

Titanium is a paramagnet and reacts poorly to a magnetic field, just like stainless steel. This means that a magnet does not attract it like iron, but at the same time, it does not repel it like copper.

As is known, the strength of titanium is almost equal to the strength of steel, but it is 45% lighter than it is. At the same time, this metal is 2 times stronger than aluminum and 60% heavier than it is. So, if your metal is as strong as steel, but much lighter than it, then maybe this is titanium.

However, it should be noted that in the pure form in the composition of large products, this material is found quite rare. More often, it is a part of various alloys, which can have different density and weight.

The best method for determining the presence of titanium is to look at what kind of spark stands out when it is cut with a grinder. Pure titanium gives a white spark.

However, considering all the above, if you have found hundreds of kilograms of silver metal, it is better to turn to real experts to determine the exact type and value of it. In the case of strong arguments, it is possible that a special chemical examination at the spectrometer will be required.

Benefits of selling titanium scrap

Think about it, you probably still have some unnecessary old metal things that you can profitably sell for scrap. Do not forget that you will not only earn money, but also save natural resources for posterity and make the environment much cleaner.

And besides, there is a high probability that the useless piece of titanium scrap that you sold for scrap will be converted into a new product that will probably save someone’s life, or maybe fly into space, or plunge into the depths of the world's oceans, or just travel on the roads as a new bicycle.

What are the prices for titanium scrap purchase

So, after all, you managed to find some old titanium products, and you decided to sell them to scrap? Now in large reception centers in Ukraine for titanium they offer from 50 to 55 hryvnia per kilogram, depending on its amount, purity and other conditions.

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And if you contact Cheburator Company in Kharkiv, it will be possible not only to get 55,000 hryvnias per ton of this metal without any problems, but at the same time you can get honest answers to all questions from the experts, as well as quickly and profitably solution of all the problems of its export and dismantling.

What is the best way to collect and prepare titanium scrap for selling

  • If you decide to sell a large structure, which contains titanium products, it would be better to dismantle and disassemble it yourself beforehand;
  • Please note that there are no cracks on the surface of pipes, plates or sheets. This will significantly increase the chances of getting more money. Try not to damage the surface during disassembly;
  • If you find a titanium wire, wind it so that it is not mixed with other metal products;
  • In general, titanium is a safe metal for humans. However, we should warn you - be especially careful with titanium chips. This type of metal waste is flammable, and titanium dust is explosive at all! Of course, this metal burns perhaps less spectacular than magnesium. However, getting a small spark into a barrel with titanium chips can easily lead to a fire hazard situation in the workshop. Therefore, titanium chips should be stored in a separate container.

Specificity of selling of titanium scrap

Non-ferrous metals are more valuable and demanded than ferrous metal scrap, so if you decide to sell them, try to find and collect as much of it as possible. When accepting scrap metal, its cost is influenced by the following factors: amount, composition, clogging, thickness, dimensions, etc.

It is advisable to sell at least 50 kilograms of non-ferrous metal. Otherwise, firstly, the price will be significantly less than it is possible, and secondly, not every acceptor will want to deal with such a small amount and may refuse to accept it at all.

The difficulty with the delivery of titanium is that not all junkyards have special equipment for its transportation and storage. Additional costs for loading and transportation of metal can significantly affect the total amount, reducing it by about 10 hryvnia per 1 kg.

The need of cutting scrap into pieces for the press also affects its price. So, if there is an opportunity, it is better to disassemble, cut and take the scrap to the receiving site on your own for maximum benefit.

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At receiving sites of Cheburator Company we will precisely determine the type of metal, honestly estimate its cost, consult and solve all possible problems on delivery of scrap metal.

Good luck in selling scrap metal!