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How to collect and sell scrap metal properly

Author:  Cheburator

The list of metal waste for recycling is quite wide, and includes steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, brass, wire and other metals, which we often just throw in the garbage because of the lack of information about the methods and benefits of their collection for recycling.

Scrap acceptors constantly cooperate with major customers from the trade sector, who work with metal products every day. This can be either construction companies that have tons of steel beams from iron structures, or electricians with a variety of electrical equipment and wire, or plumbers, who sell old copper pipes or brass fittings.

Although traders regularly supply large amounts of scrap metal, they are also happy to see household owners and individuals at their reception sites. All these categories of customers sell their metal waste and obsolete equipment not only to remove garbage from their territory, but also to earn good money, improving the environmental situation at the same time. To sell non-ferrous metal quickly, profitably and safely - contact Cheburator Company in Kharkiv.

In this article we will provide 6 steps to help you collect scrap metal more quickly and efficiently and deliver it to the processing site.

1. Prepare your metal in accordance with the requirements of scrap receiving

Of course, you want to get as much money as possible for every kilo of your scrap metal. However, many receivers have their own rules for accepting metals. For example, some of them accept wires only cleared from isolation. However, others - in any form, but also pay less for this type of copper. Therefore, first, it is necessary to find out what actions you should take to prepare your scrap for selling, and only after that, you should solve the issues of delivery for disposal. At least, separate copper and aluminum, remove plastic from the metal parts and be sure to do everything possible to increase your revenue.

2. Check in advance the purchase prices for available types of metals

Current prices for non-ferrous scrap are available here. Find out exactly what types of metals are present in your waste before your visit to the collection site. Moreover, this can be done only if you remove insulation from the wire, and try to disassemble the decommissioned devices into components using all available methods. Otherwise, how to find out that a first-class insulated wire of bright, pure copper is hidden under a plastic casing or braid?

3. Use opportunities of your job to collect scrap metals

If your job involves the production of metal waste - use this benefit. Not only electricians and plumbers, but also many other specialists almost every day deal with a significant amount of such waste, including auto mechanics, builders and others.

4. Allocate space for storing your scrap

In most cases, reception sites pay per kilogram of metal weight. Of course, you want to maximize your profits and reduce the number of trips to them. To do this, you should allocate a special place for permanent storage of scrap metal on your site. It should be a large enough space, but at the same time, safe and inaccessible for fraudsters who may want to steal your valuables.

5. Dismantling of valuable parts

In some cases, it will be better to dismantle large parts and components in order to detect and access parts with more valuable metals. For example, if you want to dispose an exhaust pipe with a more valuable catalytic converter attached to it without dismantling, you will not receive additional money for it. The same applies to the copper fuses, aluminum door panels of the car, copper and aluminum-containing washing machines and alternators, and other types of devices.

6. Method of delivery to the receiving site

If you have to transport significant amounts of scrap metal to the receiving site, this will probably require a sufficiently large and capacious car. Most commonly, a trailer, a minibus or a low-tonnage GAZelle-type car will be good for this. However, to transport more than 2 tons, you will have to look for a truck with a manipulator for loading or even a 20-ton dump truck for bulky cargo.