Cheburator: service of removal and reception of scrap metal

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Prices for scrap purchase

Ferrous scrap

(Price of scrap x1000 UAH per 1 ton from 100 kg to 20 tons)

Type of scrap Price per 1t
Steel scrap 3,60 to 3,90 UAH
Steel shavings 0,90 to 1,20 UAH

Non-ferrous scrap

(For wholesalers the price is specified additionally)

Type of scrap Price per 1kg
Copper from 85,0 to 90,0 UAH
Brass from 60,0 to 65,0 UAH
Radiator from 57,0 to 60,0 UAH

Our services

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Reception of ferrous scrap

To sell ferrous metals, stainless steel, cast iron at high cost

  • Check icon  Large company that works with scrap legally and without intermediaries
  • Check icon  4 specialized sites for accepting scrap in Kharkiv
  • Check icon  15 years working in the regional metal market
  • Check icon  Case-by-case approach to all customers and special conditions for regular ones
  • Check icon  Administrative hotline
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Purchase of non-ferrous scrap

To sell non-ferrous scrap, copper, brass expensively

  • Check icon  Exact weight on electronic scales. Contamination content according to DSTU
  • Check icon  Fair and transparent conditions of receiving, weighing and calculating
  • Check icon  At all our scrapyards prices and conditions for scrap correspond to those given on the website
  • Check icon  Full set of documents + photo report from the scales
  • Check icon  Fast payment in the most convenient way
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Scrap removal

From 1 ton, we remove your scrap ourselves

  • Check icon  Export from 100 kg up to 2 tons is provided by GAZelle and is accompanied by services of loaders
  • Check icon  Convenient location, cranes and railway lines are available
  • Check icon  Creative approach to complex challenges
  • Check icon  Maximum flexibility and comfort in operation
  • Check icon  Safety and honesty guaranteed!
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Demolition works

Dismantling of metal structures

  • Check icon  Works of any complexity and danger on the unique equipment
  • Check icon  Professional dismantling at a price of 500-800 UAH per ton
  • Check icon  Free consultations and visit of the expert
  • Check icon  Our own transport and special equipment
  • Check icon  Experienced teams of cutters and loaders
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Our service mission:
High-quality and convenient service for the dismantling, removal and reception of scrap metal.

Experience of our company in numbers


Orders performed


Experts in our team

3 million

Tons of metal recycled


Scrapyards in Kharkiv

Purchase of scrap in Kharkiv

A pile of scrap for selling

Recycle icon  Every month, Cheburator Company accepts and sends for processing more than 2 thousand tons of scrap to our partners - the largest metallurgical plants of Ukraine, including PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, Elektrostal LLC and Metinvest.

Recycle icon  We work without intermediaries and value our reputation, so we offer the best prices for scrap and guarantee honest weight, transparent conditions and quick payment on the spot. Everywhere we have uniform prices for purchase; also, contamination range and condition of the metal are determined exclusively according to GOST.

Recycle icon  Our clients include not only so large and well-known companies as the UBC Group, Ipris-Profile, PJSC Kharkovmetrostroy, Energetik LLC, agricultural holding Delta, but also markets, educational institutions, ordinary businessmen and individuals.

DSTU (Ukr. State Standard of Ukraine) - the national standards of Ukraine, have existed since 1993.

Material is taken from Wikipedia

We work according to DSTU 4121 "Secondary Ferrous Metals"

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Are you offered a "better price" for scrap metal elsewhere? Be sure to contact us, and we will explain in detail all the nuances that affect the actual final price of the scrap, so that you can make an informed decision yourself, avoiding undue risk and surprises. We will not only help you quickly and profitably get rid of scrap, but also provide a full range of unique solutions for the dismantling and removal of metal that have been developed over the years.

For organizations

For companies and organizations that work in the field of scrap metal, we offer cooperation under mutually beneficial terms.
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